We have the pleasure to announce the launch of The Feuerle Collection Tea Ceremony, curated by Désiré Feuerle in association with Lin Wang, a Berlin based tea practitioner from China.

Among other methods, The Feuerle Collection Tea Ceremony involves Chaozhou Gongfu Cha (潮州工夫茶) —a way of preparing and drinking tea originating in the early Qing dynasty (17th C.)—  and it features precious tea leaves such as Gushu Pu’er ( 古树普洱, “ancient tree- Pu’er”), Phoenix Dancong (凤凰单丛), and Aged Taiwanese Oolong (台湾老乌龙).

Conceived to unfold as an intimate, contemporary performance, our tea ceremony will invite you to enter a new world of sensual meditation and aesthetic eroticism, exploring the dialogue between the tea leaves, the art pieces, the space, the senses, and your emotions.

Staged amidst Imperial and scholar Chinese furniture from the Ming (明), and Qing (清) dynasties, juxtaposed with contemporary artworks by Adam Fuss, Zeng Fanzhi and Nobuyoshi Araki, the tasting will add a gustatory level of enjoyment to the experience of the collection’s total work of art.

The first Feuerle Collection Tea Ceremony sessions will take place on June 26, 2024, from 4pm.

Lin WANG is a tea practitioner and facilitator from Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China (浙江省金华市). Since 2015, she has been studying and practicing Chinese tea with various teachers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Yunnan and Beijing. She started the successful Saturday Tearoom at RYOKO Berlin in 2017 and she has been offering tea sessions and workshops, curating tea experiences for exhibitions, film festivals and product launches, and collaborating with artists in different fields such as music, dance, setting design and Japanese traditional sweets. With her calmness and care for aesthetics, she creates space for quiet contemplation and joyful connectivity along with consciously curated tea from China and Taiwan.

Chaozhou Gongfu Cha (潮州工夫茶) is a method of preparing and drinking tea that originated during the Qing dynasty in the Chaoshan (潮汕) area of the north-eastern Guangdong (广东) province. This practice is characterized by its particular attentiveness to utensils, quality of water and tea leaves, teaware, fire and most importantly, procedure of brewing. Gongfu (工夫) denotes the culturedness of the tea person, their knowledge and skill and leisure time for making and enjoying tea. Initially a regional custom, this practice has nowadays an essential influence on contemporary Chinese tea arts.

Founded in 2016 by Désiré Feuerle and Sara Puig, The Feuerle Collection is an interdisciplinary art institution located in a former telecommunications bunker from WWII, renovated by John Pawson.

Its cultural program revolves around Désiré Feuerle’s private collection and vision, combining Imperial Chinese furniture, from the Han to the early Qing dynasty (200 BC–17th C), early Khmer sculptures, from 7th–13th C, and international contemporary art in a total artwork of groundbreaking juxtapositions. The institutional cultural activities encompass temporary art shows, artist talks, film screenings, incense ceremonies, dance performances, concerts, fashion shows, and gong baths.

The Feuerle Collection Tea Ceremony with Lin Wang can be booked separately, and it is part of the permanent program of our institution. 

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Single tickets are available only on 26 June 2024 at 4pm.

Preise for a private Tea Ceremony
1 pair: 500€
3 guests: 500€
4 guests: 640€
5 guests: 750€

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Photo: The Feuerle Collection Tea Ceremony with Lin Wang. Photo by Aya Sawada