Désiré Feuerle and Sara Puig, Founders of The Feuerle Collection, Christiane Arp, Chairwoman of the Fashion Council Germany, and Marcus Kurz, Managing Director of Nowadays, cordially invite you to the exhibition „KAREN JESSEN“ in The Feuerle Collection Silk Room, curated by Désiré Feuerle, on the occasion of the Berlin Fashion Week, in cooperation with Der Berliner Salon, Fashion Council of Germany and Nowadays.

Karen Jessen’s collection will be exhibited until February 14th.

Born in Nordfriesland, Karen Jessen, a textile artist and designer, established her label in the year 2012 in Berlin. She is recognized as an early pioneer of upcycling, and her focus lies in the dedicated development of reused materials for artistic creations. Her inspiration derives from the beauty of artistic craftsmanship, harmonious forms, and compositions.
Karen’s artistic endeavors center around preserving and reinterpreting forgotten treasures, driven by an unrelenting passion and dedication. She questions the prevailing structures of the fashion industry and offers a rebellious alternative, far removed from the dictations of seasons and the banality of fashion consumer products. Her creations represent clothing with intrinsic value and identity, extraordinary products with an unmistakable personal touch.

Her early childhood passion for craftsmanship, rooted in her family background, is a driving force behind her creative journey. Growing up in a family that valued and practiced traditional craftsmanship instilled in her a deep appreciation for handmade artistry.
Karen Jessen’s approach to creation is a contrast, combining a very manual methodology with the creation of an illusion of digitally crafted artworks. She passionately collects, sorts, and combines used materials and creates through experimentation, engaging in an extensive process of material development in dialogue with the body. Her creative spectrum spans fashion, costume, sculpture, and decoration, all crafted with meticulous care. Her abstract works inhabit the space between sculpture and wearable art.

Since 2021, The Feuerle Collection supports the young Berlin fashion scene, collaborating with the Berlin Fashion Week, Der Berliner Salon and the Fashion Council of Germany, offering the space of The Feuerle Collection as an interdisciplinary ground for the discourse around the future of the fashion industry, its evolving creative language, and the growing focus on sustainability.

We look forward to meeting you there.

With best regards,
The Feuerle Collection