Cinema Round Table | Borderless World - Imagination as the Only Destination

We are proud to announce our first Cinema Round table, Borderless World: Imagination as the Only Destination—A Talk Across Art, Anthropology, and Cinema, at The Feuerle Collection, on 23 February 2024, at 3pm, organized in association with CiLENS Berlin, as an associated event of the European Film Market of this year’s Berlinale.

Speakers in the interdisciplinary conversation will be:

Wim Wenders, film director,

Dr. Biao Xiang, Max Planck institute for Social Anthropology director,

Ke-Xi Wu, actress-screenwriter,

Désiré Feuerle, art collector.

The discussion will explore various acts of border-crossing in an increasingly borderless world from the perspectives of art, anthropology, and cinema.

In today’s era characterized by globalization and digital connectivity, traditional borders are undergoing a constant redefinition, with new ones continuously emerging. Within this dynamic landscape, our speakers, each a trailblazer in their respective domains, will share their unique perspectives and experiences.

Wim Wenders, a master of cinematic artistry, transcends geographical boundaries in his work, inviting us to explore the universal human experiences that unite us. Anthropologist Dr. Biao Xiang’s insightful research unveils the intricate dynamics of migration and how societies grapple with these movements. Actress-writer Ke-Xi Wu brings to life the stories of those caught in the currents of migration and diaspora, offering a glimpse into the human face of these journeys. Meanwhile, Désiré Feuerle’s transformative approach to art challenges conventional divisions between the ancient and contemporary, reminding us of the enduring power of creativity across time and space.

CiLENS e.V. is a Berlin-based non-profit film curation organization that engages audiences in an in-depth exploration of contemporary China and the broader Sinophone world through interdisciplinary events centered around thematic film screenings, fostering a public space for transcultural dialogues and connections. By introducing the less-known yet vibrant Chinese indie cinema to the European audience, CiLENS aspires to stimulate European audiences to explore the contemporary Chinese speaking world in depth, particularly with regard to gender issues, minorities, and perspectives from marginalized and disadvantaged, and ultimately to co-create a community of mutual understanding and connectivity.

Founded in 2016 by Désiré Feuerle and Sara Puig, The Feuerle Collection is an interdisciplinary art institution located in a former telecommunications bunker from WWII, renovated by John Pawson. Its cultural program revolves around Désiré Feuerle’s private collection and vision, combining Imperial Chinese furniture, from the Han to the early Qing dynasty (200 BC–17th C), early Khmer sculptures, from 7th–13th C, and international contemporary art in a total artwork of groundbreaking juxtapositions. The institutional cultural activities encompass temporary art shows, artist talks, film screenings, incense ceremonies, dance performances, concerts, fashion shows, and gong baths.

The Feuerle Collection is a Cooperation Partner of The Berlin International Film Festival 2024.


Borderless World: Imagination as the Only Destination—A Talk Across Art, Anthropology, and Cinema

February 23, 2024

Doors open 2:30pm, talk begins at 3pm

Limited access.Pre-booking needed.

Round table broadcasting via Instagram at @thefeuerlecollection

Location: The Feuerle Collection Silk Room

Hallesches Ufer 70, 10963 Berlin


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