As a part of its interdisciplinary mission, supporting and cultivating the link between the East and the West, The Feuerle Collection initiates the first dedicated platform for young Asian performing artists based in Berlin.

The institution will showcase a series of live performances, selected by Désiré Feuerle, exploring both contemporary and traditional dancing languages from East and South-East Asia. These events will take place amidst the art pieces of The Feuerle Collection, resonating with the juxtapositions of antique Imperial Chinese furniture (200 BC — 17 th C), early Khmer Sculptures (7th — 13th C) and international contemporary art.

The public will experience rare and sophisticated gems, including the traditional dances and songs from the ancient Ryukyu Kingdom, now Okinawa, Japan, created in the 14th C. for the entertainment of high Imperial Chinese functionaries living on the island, performed by Ryukyuan artist Riko Sugama, wearing the precious, original Bingata costume, accompanied by the hammered dulcimer, played by Japanese musician Ayane Kondo, winner of the Chinese Music Council Competition for International Music of the Consul of China in Osaka.

On the occasion of the première, the public will experience an original Chinese tea ceremony performance with professional tea practitioner Lin Wang (contemporary Chaozhou Gongfu Cha, essential brewing method from Chaozhou), marking Désiré Feuerle’s synesthetic approach and adding a significant element to conceptually relocate the public into the dreamy environment of the ancient performance background, with all the senses.

Furthermore, dancer and choreographer Motoya Kondo will stage the unique live performance Lifelines. He was trained in Butoh (a contemporary dance form from Japan) and kept evolving further in his work, setting forth on a long journey, to conduct his personal field research about the traditional dances of Japan, India, Tibet, Bali, and Spain, exploring the ways in which the conventional reality of body and mind might reveal as a deeper one. He will be accompanied by violinist Hoshiko Yamane, member of the German electronic music group Tangerine Dream.

Choreographer Sonoko Kamimura acted as a performance consultant for the production of the whole 2023 series.

The new program of The Feuerle Collection builds continuity with performative activities regularly offered by the institution, such as the Incense Ceremony and the Gong Bath,offering to the public the chance to explore the richness of the existing Asian creative scene in Berlin.

1 March. Wednesday at 7.30pm: Riko Sugama & Ayane Kondo

19 April, Wednesday at 7.30pm: Riko Sugama & Ayane Kondo
3 May, Wednesday at 7.30pm: Motoya Kondo & Hoshiko Yamane
31 May, Wednesday at 7.30pm: Riko Sugama & Ayane Kondo
11 October, Wednesday at 7.30pm: Riko Sugama & Ayane Kondo
22 November, Wednesday at 7.30pm: Riko Sugama & Ayane Kondo

The number of tickets is limited, please secure your participation in advance.

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