The vision of The Feuerle Collection is to create a total artwork, a Gesamtkunstwerk.

It breaks with the traditional way of showing art and it takes barriers away between cultures, ages, importance of past and importance of today. It leads the spectator to a different way of experiencing art through the senses.

The artworks have to speak for themselves without labels to bring the visitor into another world. A world with different cultures mixed in one space, art from contemporary to ancient, ignoring importance or age of each piece, letting the artworks correspond with the visitor and creating a new artwork.

The contemporary artwork becomes timeless, the ancient becomes contemporary, the two different artworks fuse with each other and create a new imaginative feeling.

It is my intention to ignore definitions like contemporary, modern or antique.

The different cultures create similar feelings or contradict the classic perspective, looking at an art piece as it is juxtaposed with something you would not expect or with something which is even breaking the harmony and, through that, it creates a new perspective on experiencing art.

Désiré Feuerle

Head of Avalokiteshvara, Khmer, Bayon, 12-13thC, stone