The arts have never been more important to society, as a force that brings people together and promotes creativity, inspiration and learning.

Deepen your relationship with our exclusive collection. Enjoy privileged private views and lectures given by art personalities, university professors and curators. The Feuerle Collection offers amazing opportunities to connect with fellow members, share your love for the art, and create events around fascinating themes, artists or locations.

Join us in our continuing effort to provide a first class cultural and educational platform, with the aim to link the East and West and to offer a new perspective on the arts, engaging in new ways of experiencing them.

The Feuerle Collection will thrive also thanks to the support of our friends, all of whom contribute to the success of our project and program in various ways, especially supporting our vision and strengthening our international presence through their fidelity.

For each category of Friends, we offer the possibility to apply for a corporate membership, offering the additional benefit of a dedicated short presentation of your company on our social media channels.

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