Open-air Chinese Film Nights at The Feuerle Collection | September 14/15/16, 2023

On the occasion of the Berlin Art Week 2023, from September 14–16, The Feuerle Collection in association with CiLENS will host the first open-air screening of films from the Chinese speaking world, curated by Désiré Feuerle.

As the first art institution in Berlin to focus on the contemporary short film creative scene from the Chinese speaking world, The Feuerle Collection aims at including the cinematographic artworks into its multidisciplinary cultural program offered to the public, sharing a wider view of the taste and connoisseurship of Désiré Feuerle in respect of Chinese culture.

In order to conceptually round up his Gesamtkunstwerk characterized by the guiding theme of sensuality and beauty, Désiré Feuerle has chosen a series of filmic creations revolving around the subject of visceral desire in human life.


We have been choosing different examples of young society today, stories of different lives, capturing the world in fragments. The focus is on sensuality, personal stories, aesthetic pleasure, as well as being a voyeur in our time.

– Désiré Feuerle


To accompany the screenings, on each evening, The Feuerle Collection will offer a selection of exquisite Chinese tea, specially chosen by professional tea practitioner Lin Wang for this occasion, including cold and warm brews of Phoenix Oolong (Honey-Orchid and Silver-Flower), jasmine, and aged white tea. The combination of sophisticated, sensual, and experimental tea will help to experience the films, synaesthetically entering into their spirit.


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Thursday, September 14 (click here to the detail)

– River of Desire | 2022 | Chan Kwok Yuk | 23min | OV (Cantonese) with English and Chinese subs | European Premiere

– Body Rhapsody | 2020 | Yangming Liu | 15 min | OV (Mandarin) with English and Chinese subs |Berlin premiere

– Smokers Die Slowly Together | 2017 | Zheng Lu Xinyuan | 12 min | OV (English) with English and Chinese subs

– Twelve Muses | 2018 | Chang Kaichih | Taiwan/Japan | 30 min | OV (Japanese) with English subs | European premiere

– La Belle Époque | 2011| Hsiao-hsien Hou | 5 min | OV (Mandarin) with English subs

Friday, September 15 (click here to the detail) :

– Will You Look At Me | 2022 | Shuli Huang | China | 20 min | OV (Mandarin) with English subs

– Natasha | 2022 |Galilee Ma | Taiwan | 22 min | OV (Mandarin) with English subs | European premiere

 Life Imitation | 2017 | Chen Zhou | Mainland China | 82 min | OV (Mandarin) with English subs | Berlin premiere

Saturday, September 16 (click here to the detail):

– The Glamorous Boys of Tang | 2018 | Taiwan | SU Hui-yu | 15 min | No dialogue | German premiere

– Kiss of the Rabbit God | 2018 | Andrew Thomas Huang | USA |14 min |  OV (Mandarin) with English subs

– Happy Together | 1997 | Wong Kar Wai | Hong-Kong | 1h36min | OV (Cantonese) with German subs


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The films are suitable only for persons aged 18 years and over.
We won’t grant admittance to persons under the age of 18.

Open-air Chinese Film Nights

September 14/15/16, 2023
Single daily ticket: 44,- EUR (tea experience included)
Doors open 8:30 pm, screening begins at 9:00 pm
Location: Roof-garden of The Feuerle Collection
Hallesches Ufer 70, 10963 Berlin


About the co-host of the event

CiLENS is a Berlin-based, non-profit film curation organization that explores the potential of cinema as a space for transcultural dialogues, mainly through the showcase of Chinese independent films.

By introducing the less-known yet vibrant Chinese indie cinema to the European audience, CiLENS aspires to stimulate European audiences to explore the contemporary Chinese speaking world in depth, particularly with regard to gender issues, minorities, and perspectives from marginalized and disadvantaged, and ultimately to co-create a community of mutual understanding and connectivity.

For more information, please contact us at


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Photo: The-Glamorous-Boys-of-Tang-2018-directed-by-SU-Hui-yu